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I have witnessed three sightings in my lifetime.

The first experience was, as a child, I was standing in a field watching a thunderstorm coming towards me. I saw a UFO travelling up to the clouds and down multiple times. Then it slowly flew over me, saucer shape with a row of green, orange, and red lights slowly flashing. When it was overhead, the lights began flashing rapidly, then the object suddenly accerated  and disappeared.

The second experience, I was sitting on my deck at dusk, August 20, 2021 and had a feeling to look up.  I saw a huge circular shaped object slowly crossing the western sky, almost the size of the moon at high altitude. The object's color was a slightly dirty orange. It crossed the sky in 20 seconds. Others also observed what I saw.

I had set up a security camera with motion detection. The sighting occurred August 2, 2022. Upon reviewing the video, I saw multiple disc shaped blurry objects (10), white in color, flying high in the sky, moving erratically, travelling in circles, straight lines, stopping abruptly and going in the opposite direction. This lasted about 5 minutes, then the objects suddenly disappeared.

Submitted by GS
                                                 ETI Contact

The main purpose of CE-5 is to make contact with ETIs. This is accomplished using meditation techniques that are taught in the program. I have been with CE-5 for 4 years.

I have experienced contact with an ETI. I found myself on another planet.

It was night time. Looking around me, I saw I was on a hill overlooking a lake as seen through trees.

There was a house to my left that appeared to be made out of material that was not wood with a long stairway leading to the top of the building.

To my left was the ETI. He had olive colored skin, bushy hair, very thin, stood over 7 feet tall, wearing a black suit. I could not make out his face, it appeared blurry.

He looked at me and said we must be at the meeting at 10:30.
I asked him how could we get there in time. He pointed up to the sky. There were two craft circling above. He said that is how.

Then my contact ended. How I knew I was on his planet? The stars were very different and there was no moon.  There seemed to be a diffuse light that enabled one to see through the darkness.

I keep on meditating, hoping to make contact again to learn more and share it with you.

Submitted by GS
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May 25, 2024  01:30 Hours

It was lightly overcast. I was having a dream about an acquaintance I have not seen for a period of time. I suddenly woke up for no reason, went to the balcony to have a smoke. I looked up and could just see 10 dim lights in a shape of a triangular about 30 feet long poking through the clouds. It passed from Northwest to Southeast slowly overhead. I was able to observe it for 10 seconds.

Submitted by BC